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Dear Fellow Supporters:

The HBCU Forever Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) adopted at the June 2012, National Association of Administrators, Inc. Technical Assistance Workshop held in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Foundation’s Management Team commits itself on a pro bono basis to work with all constituencies including  civic, professional student organizations, public and private sector entities to develop collaborative partnerships to generate new revenue streams for student scholarships, faculty/staff development enhancements, equipment needs, research initiatives, and other institutional priorities consistent with each HBCU’s  Strategic Plan.

The Foundation’s fundraising efforts are designed to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) that have served a critical and vital role since 1837. The institutions have provided  a quality higher education experience to African Americans, and others, who have enrolled in these institutions. The institutions’ successes  translate into a remarkable track record:

They represent only three percent (3%) of all colleges and universities, yet they enroll sixteen percent (16%) of all African Americans in 4-year degree granting institutions;

·         They graduate thirty (30%) of African Americans receiving 4-year degrees, and forty percent (40%) of African Americans receiving 4-year degrees in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM areas);

·         They represent eighteen of the top twenty-three producers of African Americans who go on to receive science related PhDs ;

·         Four of the top ten producers of successful African American medical school applicants are HBCUs.  These HBCUs produce twenty percent (20%) more African American applicants than the other six institutions combined;

·         Eight of the top ten producers of African American engineers are HBCUs.

Moreover, over the past 30 years, many  HBCU’s have closed their doors due to fiscal issues which have resulted in administrative and academic issues.  The number of HBCU’s has dwindled to 104, including the recent closing of Saint Paul’s College which had served the nation for 125 years.  In the event this downward spiral persists, these beacons of uplift will become nonexistent.  Again, we CANNOT allow this trend to continue, and the Forever Foundation is committed to securing funds that will enable these institutions to continue their vital work.   The Forever Foundation therefore seeks your support and donation to aid us in our mission of support to HBCUs.  Please select your category of support, and enclose your tax deductible donation today. Your generous gift will go a long way to help our students, programs, and institutions.  Thank you.



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