Dear Stakeholder: Season’s Greetings.

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Dear Stakeholder: Season’s Greetings.

Dear Stakeholder:


Season’s Greetings.  As we approach the end of the 2017 calendar year, we wish to extend our gratitude for all your support, valuable time, and monetary contributions. Please know that we appreciate your philanthropic generosity. HBCU Forever is making a special request for your tax deductible contribution during this season of giving a generous donation for HBCU student scholarships


I speak passionately as a product of an HBCU; it is without reservation that these institutions continue the legacy of academic excellence and leadership development for future generations. Our nation’s HBCUs have opened the door to teaching/learning when other doors were barred. Today, they continue to offer a number of opportunities for young persons to contribute globally.


HBCU Forever is optimistic and enthusiastic about working with our stakeholders in meeting the challenge of enabling every student, who wishes to attend an HBCU, to further their education despite potential obstacles, i.e. federal sequestration cuts, stringent rule changes in Parent Plus Loans, and the upcoming Congressional Hearing relative to the Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended coupled with a divided United States House of Representatives. These and other circumstances make the compelling case for the proactive efforts to preserve and support the viability and survival of higher educational institutions.




Samuel T. Rhoades, JD

President and CEO

HBCU Forever Foundation, Inc.











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Richmond, VA 23261                    Gift Destination:                    Enclosed is my check payable to HBCU Forever Foundation

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No gift is too small!

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